Working as expected. That is to say poorly

Just hopped into events. See a clip from the battery doorbell. Click it. It’s a car driving by outside of the activity zone, then flashes to someone walking away from my front door. Thumbnail shows the guys face but at no time was his face visible in the clip. Never saw him walking up, just appeared out of nowhere mid-clip as he walked away.

Redundant driveway cam saw absolutely nothing. Never recorded. (Funny as it recorded around 100 clips yesterday of absolutely nothing, but missed me as I walked past it )

Guess my wife and I were both checking notifications a moment later, because spinning circle then door sensors and keypad all suddenly showed as offline.

Restarted the homebase.


Landlord showed up a few moments ago. I honestly can’t believe just how much was missed by these cams.

Saw him entering the house on the driveway cam. Never saw him exit. Suddenly he appears in the storage room, never caught walking to storage room on driveway cam despite walking right past it. Two videos of him walking away from his truck from the doorbell cam, none of the cams saw him going back to his truck though. Storage room, one video there is a 10 foot ladder on the floor, next video it’s just gone, never caught him taking it. Neither did the driveway cam, or the doorbell. (That storage room cam watches a 15 thousand dollar e-bike fwiw)

Then suddenly the landlord and his full size pickup truck are simply gone. Never caught by any of the cameras.

This all followed by the driveway cam catching cars driving past in the ignore zone.

Seriously, I’m just stunned at how badly this system really performs. It’s one thing to miss an event here and there, but this is just outright ridiculous.


Yeah - I think to some degree I tell myself I’m impressed/better than nothing what/when something is captured …and don’t always think about what has been missed (altogether, or in part). Except the latter is brought home when something like you had happen, or clips are stopped well short of eg the 1 min (optimal surveillance mode) in the middle of the action (and if you’re lucky, restarted after missing some)… what the hell is going on there? If it’s something in the algorithms trying to trade off recording vs battery life, give me recording any day… happy to recharge more often (or bring on a supported solar panel already).

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Eufy need to add the function of switching off AI and adding repeat event timer, this way we then can control how/what/when the cameras pick up motion and record.

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This happens to me all the time. You really don’t know how many events you miss only the one’s you are aware of. Right now today’s problem is I can’t turn on the motion detector. It keeps saying unable to connect to homebase but all the other functions can be turn off and on. Let me go get my ladder for the 100 time and add and re add the cam to see if it works. Great system.