(Wishlist) New Eufy Security Camera With Preroll

Hello Eufy!!

I was wondering maybe you could make a camera that has preroll? This is something that Ring did on their battery camera. Ring Video Doorbell 3 Plus

Preroll is 4 seconds of recording before motion is triggered. This means that the camera is always on in really low resolution and black and white recording and deleting until motion is triggered. When motion gets triggered, it goes back 4 seconds and puts that in the recording. While this is bad quality for the 4 seconds you can see things you would have missed if you had just watched from when the event got triggered.

Because Eufy Cameras are also battery powered I thought this might be something they could work on for the future? I mean a 24/7 recording plugged in cam would be better but if Eufy is going to stick with battery power then this might be an option.

Would you like a 24/7 recording Outdoor Camera or a new Eufy Security Camera with preroll? Please vote below!

  • I would like a 24/7 recording camera from Eufy
  • I would like a camera that has preroll from Eufy

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Yes for pre-roll
Yes for hardwired
Yes for 4K resolution
Yes for Apple HomeKit
Yes for 128gb built in memory
Yes for NAS compatible (Synology and the likes)


I wish Eufy would have all of these features!!!

I think Eufy needs to get their cameras in target and other places to really grow their business (sorry this off topic)

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That is very true! I wish they had some cameras in multiple retail stores!

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Thank you for those who have voted on this! If you have not voted already please continue to. Eufy Security will be able to see that people do want this! @AnkerSupport would you like to comment on this idea?

Yes please to this wish :pray: I still think with a NAS and solar panels connected to your cameras it should be possible to make 24/7 recordings but thisn’t a option now and would be nice also.

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