Wishlist for Video Doorbell

I love if there was a way to have 24/7 continuous recording on video doorbells. I prefer not to have to have a camera mounted outside which is why I have your doorbell.

However I have your 3 indoor cameras and 24/7 recording is so much better with those that I wish my video doorbell could do the same. I’d even be fine with having to have some sort of base station store the footage locally.

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I saw in the recent all update some texts which would suggest the video doorbell will do just that! Don’t know when this happens, but I saw the setting’s texts in the decompiled app

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I agree. It would be really cool if the battery doorbell had the option to record continuously. It would probably quickly drain the battery, but the option would be nice for those of us who have it wired to existing doorbell connections.

Yeah there’s no way any battery options would be able to continuously record. But the powered option would be great! except the memory card is in the doorbell, so if it gets jacked then there goes your video footage too. They need to work on the removeable storage options for the base station so you don’t lose your footage.