(Wishlist) Create Multiple Schedules

Hello Eufy Security!!

I have a feature wish and I’m hoping that maybe you guys can make this happen soon!

Right now on the Eufy Security app you can only make one schedule for each week. This is ok but it does not work for everyone (including me). Here is an example: we have yard workers come every other Saturday. Of course we want the camera active on the Saturday they are here, but there is no reason for the cameras to be active on the Saturday they are not here because we are home. Another example: we have a cleaning lady come of different days depending on the week. One week she comes Thursday the next week she comes Tuesday.

My point for this is that The Eufy Security app only allows for one schedule. We should be able to create multiple schedules and switch between them. We should be able to create 2 schedules. Then I could program them and say Schedule 1 runs every other week and Schedule 2 runs every other week. This would make Schedule 1 run this week and Schedule 2 runs next week.

I really don’t like opening the app all the time to change the schedule around. Please allow us to create multiple schedules!! This would make the Eufy Security so much better!