Wireless video doorbell not recognizing SD card

I purchased 2 battery video doorbells, 1 for the frt door, 1 for rear door. They both installed easily enough. When I installed a 128gb SD card for the front door, all I had to do was format it for it to start working perfectly. Installing the rear door SD card was not so successful. Here is what I did so far:

  • I removed the SD card, blew it out with compressed air. = no success.
  • I swapped the SD card for the one in the front door. Front door only needed to format the new card and worked perfectly again. Rear door, again, did not = no success
  • I uninstalled video doorbell and doorbell chime and reinstalled everything. = no success

Try swapping the cards. This will tell you if you have a duff card or if it is the unit.

Does the sd card work ok in a computer / other device?

Any error messages?

I did swap the cards. Working chime formatted the new card, non-working chine did not recognize the card. The SD card does work on the PC.

That said, I figured out the solution! I did a quick format (using the default ‘fat’ setting) and the non-working doorbell finally recognized the SD card. :sunglasses:

Having same problem, app says it needs formatting, but it won’t do it, during set up tried and it threw error code -132 ?
Have formatted it in pc (fat) but still doesn’t work
(128gb card)
Any suggestions a?

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