Wireless Doorbell Short Video Duration?

I’ve had my doorbell installed for 10 days. No matter the settings below with human detection my clips vary between 9 to 15 seconds, but sometimes the person is still moving. For example today someone dropped something off to us. Doorbell recorded the person getting out of their car opening the back car door and then stopped at 9 seconds. Then the next clip was the person walking up to the porch.

I have kept sensitivity at highest or one under with an activity zone. In power options I have tried both custom and optimized surveillance. I still get the weird short clips even when person is in the activity zone.

What are other’s experiences? Should I turn off human only and reduce sensitivity?

You have to use customized and change the duration of the video clip. As optimized will fall short and only record short burst.

@Tank, thanks for the suggestion. I had tried that about 5 days in and still was seeing the short clips. I have the customized set to 60/2.

Do you use human only or all? I’m leaning towards this may be the cause but my street sees a lot of movement so not sure I want to turn that off. May try for a few days to see

So I have seemed to fix it. I couldn’t leave customized recording settings on default 60/2. Once I changed them to 60/3 it seems to work as expected lol