Wireless doorbell not recording events


Does anyone know why my brand new eufy 2k wireless doorbell (paired with a Homebase 2) only captures about 60-70% of motion events?

I’ve tried expanding the motion field zone, I’ve turned off battery optimisation (on my phone), restarting my phone and doorbell, logging in & out again, re-pairing the doorbell, moving my router closer.

It works a charm for the other 30-40%, but that really isn’t good enough is it?

Can anyone help? Sounds like a lot of people have this issue, yet eufy are still selling the product it seems and yet seem so surprised when I contact them about it.

Anyone out there?

Mine worked 100% of the time for about a month and a half but has now totally stopped. I get the alerts, but no corresponding recording.

Check your settings for notifications. Sometimes the upgrades may ruin it. If still doesn’t work, contact support@eufylife.com.

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