Wireless doorbell motion delay

I recently installed the 2k wireless doorbell and besides the frustration with a lack of integration with Google home have a coffee if other issues…

There is a significant delay in the motion detection triggering an alert and starting to record. We have a long driveway and the motion trigger zone is was goes all the way to the curb and is set to as sensitive as possible. But people are often walking away from the camera before it has started recording. Note that doorbell has good signal strength.

The other issue is that I can’t find any easy way of saying a minimum recording length.

Just got mine and testing shows about 3-4s delay in getting a text. which I can live with. I think you can shorten it by just ticking the notification option “most efficiency” i.e only text no thumnail etc which I found and did.

Looking at playback the recording seems to start immediately which is good.

The wireless doorbell will have slight delay on motion detection. It uses Passive IR to sense motion and wake up the doorbell. It’s that way in order to save battery life.

I had a similar issue with a long path along the side of my house getting to the front porch. I solved the delay issue by adding a motion sensor right where people start down the path to the porch. Then created an automation to trigger recording and notification on the doorbell and my porch camera.
Now, the doorbell and camera are triggered when someone starts down the path and I have full face video of them approaching the porch.

The motion sensor is an indoor device, but I found a set of covers and mounts for a Blink camera on Amazon that I modified to hold the motion sensor and protect it from the elements. It doesn’t have any AI smarts like the cams and doorbell, but it works great to fire off recording early enough so I don’t miss anyone coming to the porch and front door.


That’s not totally true because I have the wireless doorbell set up and it had no delay at all what so ever. It was actually starting to record a car even before I would be able to see it coming by watching the camera. But then as far as a few days ago when I noticed someone saying something about the update going terribly wrong or something like that i had just noticed that a day or two before that about, my wireless doorbell started to have issues too also as well like the huge massive delay that it was having or sometimes just not even recording at all what so ever. And then also a super weird screeching sound in the background whenever it would record so I could barely almost hear a conversation anymore when I used to be able to hear someone’s conversation clear as day on the street in front of my house before that. So something is obviously wrong with the update or something because everybody seems to be having about the same exact problem at the same exact time literally.

It just started to happen to mine too also as well n I’ve only had mine about a lil over a month and a half. Plus I used to be able to even hear people’s conversations basically if they weren’t whispering obviously, but I could still hear their conversation as they were talking all the way to the street if they were all the way down at the street in front of my house. But now also when the huge delays or sometimes just not even recording sometimes, when I’m listening to a recording which every single one has been delayed for the past 3 days now, but I can barely tell what people are saying at all anymore or anything because there’s a terrible like screeching sound I wanna say almost it sounds like. My boyfriend says it almost sounds like a demon would sound lol but he’s basically pretty much right as stupid as it sounds, that’s the noise it sounds like during a terrible massive delayed video lol