Wireless Doorbell Delay and Unable to connect

If I try to look at the live stream of the doorbell it spins for 20 seconds then says unable to connect. I press retry and it kicks in immediately and works. Any ideas? Also I have a 2c cam and that is further away and works first time and fast when connecting.


Hah, that is EXACTLY what I have, since I added a FIFTH camera to the homebase. My other eufycam 2’s have no issues at all (and indeed also further away from HB).
How many cameras do you have?
I’m in contact with support about this, I think it has to do with the homebase. But if you have less cameras, it may just be a general bug rather than a ‘supported device limit’ issue (which by the way, they said is 6 cameras and 16 ‘devices’!)
In that case, addind the fifth camera might be coincidence.

Also: if the doorbell is the last viewed camera, it works right away when you view it again. If any camera is viewed in between, it will give the timeout.

I only have the doorbell and 1 2c camera so it’s not a limit issue my end. It seems to me like the doorbell isn’t kicking into life properly in the first try. Then times out then by the time you press again it’s alive and working.

You are right. I removed a camera and it gave the same result. Have you contacted support yet? You should really do this and perhaps refer to my case 52193453. It’s very annoying as doorbell ringing requires fast response here in NL…

Okay so they said I should replace the homebase as they cannot do anything.

Dude! Can you clear the data of your app and try again (with fresh login)?
I downgraded to eufy app v2.0.0_672 (android) and now it works again!
If you can clear your app’s data and do a fresh login with the latest play store version, we can check if it’s the latest update causing this problem.

EDIT: As I’m looking at older recordings, I noticed how much faster the videos load. In the previous version it’s instant.

I am also having the same issue with Doorbell, we went with Eufy over all other wireless devices due to the local storage. While the cameras load up quickly. the doorbell doesnt, if someone presses the doorbell we have given up even trying to attempt to view. 1min 30 for an error to appear. Friends using Ring appears instantly.