Wireless Battery Doorbell offline in cold weather

I got the Wireless Battery Doorbell and Homebase 2 about 3 days ago.
For the last 3 nights the temp goes down to 2c
For the last 3 nights the doorbell goes offline overnight.
When it warms up it turns back on.
Tonight it went offline so i looked at the weather and its 6.5c. Im guessing it needs to be over 7c to work.
Doesnt the specs say it works from 0c to 40c? Truthfully its 7c not 0c.

So its not good for my area which goes from the negative temps to mid 40s in summer. So this is a spring/autumm doorbell. Doesnt work in summer or winter.

Really? An outside electronic device cant handle cold weather. How pathetic is this?

My old doorbell, the Swann 720p which rang 5 mins after pushing the button and gives motion alerts from people on the opposite side of the roads footpath which is about 20 meters away and cars driving past but never detects people on my lawn… never had a temp problem with that. Just wireless connection, server, motion, delayed notifications problems but never cold weather problems.

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LOL. I’m starting to feel real lucky after seeing all the posts this weekend.

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