Wireless 2k video doorbell - poor quality video?

Does anyone else struggle to understand how a 2k video quality on the doorbell is significantly lower quality than my 1080p Eufy cameras.
Difficult to make out at night.
During the day it is fine.

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I agree, seems very blurry or misty now, if I remember correctly it was not this bad so I believe this has changed recently.

Do you ha e a sample pic? The 2k doorbell is far superior than most doorbells and the 2c cam.

Do not zoom by using fingers to stretch zoom it will look pixelated. Use the double arrow in corner to zoom watch difference.

I need to retract my post. I replaced a Wyze cam [which was in the same location] and I had to review yesterday’s footage before contacting eufy support. Not even close, this new doorbell camera is significantly better!!!

My apologies.