Wireless 2K doorbell Offline Again and Again


I have had the 2K battery door bell since January, brought from Amazon in the UK. It was rock solid for approx 4 months but now its going off line every week sometimes every two days. My internet is stable and fast. The homebase is less than a metre away and is plugged next to the router with ethernet cable. I have contacted support but they are in all honesty trying to fob me off. Anyone know any fixes for this. When i have to resync the doorbell it takes ages to get the homebase to recognise the doorbell. Don’t know if this is anything to do with it. I have asked eufy to send me a replacement bell but I they seem very reluctant.

Have you checked the battery level in the doorbell? Low battery could cause these issues.

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I have the same problem - 2K battery doorbell, stable for nine months now it repeatedly drops off the network.

No change in physical location of Homebase or wifi access point, Homebase always show a ‘happy’ blue light, doorbell battery ranging between full and 30%. Firmware on both is up to date. It looks it was last updated on 8 May: doorbell and Homebase

Why does a stable product suddenly start failing?