Wireless 2K doorbell homebase2 no homekit?

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I have 4 eufy cam 2c with a homebase 2, i was able to add all four cameras to homekit. I also bought a 2K Wireless Doorbell, part T8210CW1, which is an add-on requiring the homebase 2. I was unable to add the doorbell to homekit, like it wasn’t even in the list with the other four cameras.

Is this the 4 camera limit i’ve seen mentioned in a few old posts on this forum? Just that if this was the case, I would have expected to be able to see all 5 devices (4*2C + Doorbell). Or is it the case that the doorbell addon isn’t supported in homekit by either eufy and/or Apple?

update 12 May 2021: I ended up buying a second homebase as the bundle was only like $20 more than the two additional cameras i wanted anyway. With two homebases plus comment from @jbac below I’m certain the problem is no homekit support for the 2K doorbell add-on - which is disappointing…


Eufy has submitted a request to Apple for HomeKit integration of the 2k doorbell. This was originally rumored, then I confirmed with eufy support. There has been no timeline given. This info was given to me last June or July. Is there any update? I can’t imagine it taking soooooo lont for approval considering it is going through the same hub.


Yeah ok. I guess we wait. I’m certainly hoping this will be retrospective to already sold 2K doorbells.

It really starts to irritate, I bought the doorbell and the homebase2 today, based on serval websites that there was homekit support. But the doorbell doesn’t show up inside the home app. I would really like to see a release date.

The simple solution is to return the doorbell and buy a Logitech Circle View Doorbell. That is the only one that currently supports Homekit natively. EUFY and Apple have been promising this for 2 years and failed to deliver so far.