Wired video doorbell False alerts

I have the wired video door bell and have noticed quite a bit of false alerts this winter. I got this in October and cannot remember getting all the alerts as much as I do now that there is snow on the ground so I’m not sure if that has anything to do with it. I have a bench outside my front door that the camera continuously mistaken for a human, and also a bush in my front yard. It went off 20 times last night alone. I have turned the sensitivity down all the way and it still goes off. I don’t like having sensitivity that low because when I do have someone come to my door I want it to be able to be triggered. I have also turned off night vision, turned off HDR, and tried some other things with no results. Has anyone had any other issues with this or does anyone know a way to fix this problem??

I have the same problems with my wired 2k doorbell of multiple false human detection. I also found the detection zone doesn’t work as the snapshot is frequent well out side my zone.