Wired Doorbell using External IP Address

My Eufy wired doorbell is using the router externalnip address. My home network is a 10.0.1 scheme. The IP of this device is 172.xxx.xxx.xxx.

Any ideas why? How do I get it on my private network?

I’m not sure we can, unless they add RTSP. Right now we always have to contact Eufy servers to access our doorbells locally. Hopefully someone responds that know more than I do.

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Contact support@eufylife.com they might be able to help you.

Have you tried setting an address reservation for your device? That will link the devices MAC address to a static IP address on your network. Every time the device connects, DHCP will assign the same IP address to that device. You would do that in your router settings.

I have all the devices on my network assigned a static IP via address reservation.