Wired Doorbell Theft/Video Feedback

Last month I had a package stolen off my verandah and the video captured on the wired doorbell was not great. It only captured the porch pirate bending down to pick up the package, turning around and walking away, that’s with the 3 second pre-recording included I assume (Edit: the motion detection setting is set to the 2nd highest one as the highest was capturing the tress blow in the wind) This is the video here: http://imgur.com/a/Gz9uNTh

I have had some trouble with the doorbell not capturing events before, being people leaving the house sometimes their face is too high when locking the door and walking away from doorbell doesn’t get captured. Also at night when walking away and sometimes walking in again doesn’t get picked up.

The cause of problem could be that since it’s not facing directly onto the verandah entrance it doesn’t pick people up as good but is better from the straight on entrance. It is on the wedge mount facing relatively in the middle between both entrances.

I hope eufy can improve their wired doorbell to fix this problem and I can give my time to help give feedback to make an even better product. My first suggestion would be if there was an option to separate saved/stored events and notifications for example save all motion events but only notify me for faces.

Side note, I have received the open package back from the neighbour access the street who found it in their front garden. It was a $35 xiaomi air purifier filter must have been dumped there after the pirate didn’t have a xiaomi air purifier and couldn’t use it.