Wired doorbell resetting at 1:15am

Hello All,
Writing to see if anyone else is having this issue after the most recent update.

I check my events when I wake up, and every single day at 1:15am, it appears like the doorbell is resetting or something like that is going on.

You can see the LED come on and start shining after it went dark. No idea what’s going on, but this is happening every single night without fail. I’ve restarted the doorbell and nothing happens. Firmware is current. This is the wired doorbell.

Ive included a video of what’s going on. Sorry, it wont embed for me for some reason.


This seems unusual. Contact support@eufylife.com for help on this.

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Yeah I wanted to see if it was widespread or not. They replaced the doorbell like a month ago and now this one is having issues. Getting frustrated with everything.


Are you sure the dooorbell is resetting or is there just a flash of light from maybe a light turning off at a certain time each night?
Is the doorbell functioning as it should?

Im not sure it’s resetting, but the LED is normally on, and from the video, the LED is off when the video starts and then you can see the LED coming on (aka the bright light all of a sudden). And nothing has ever triggered before in my activity zone. And it’s 1:15 on the dot every single night as well.

The doorbell is functioning otherwise as it should be.

I would say that a light near you is turning off and the camera is adjusting to the flash of light and then clears up. If the video doorbell camera works normally any other time and continues to do so just monitor the situation and if anything changes were the video doorbell camera becomes unstable at any other time contact support and go from there.


try leaving it in the house 1 night see if it happens?

takes the environment out the question