Wired doorbell issues

We have atje eufy doorbell but will not chime with original doorbell chime and also will not show as wired remains just a battery symbol

Help please

Try these troubleshooting tips for the chime. Let us know what happens please.

Thank you we wired thr doorbell with the old wires didnt use jumper wires straight wired it as wanting use existing chime as the chime it comes with is not fit for purpose it’s too quiet for a chime.
There is no wired symbol to show powered and chime does not work.
We have missed doorbell notifications from the chime our older chime was perfect
@AnkerSupport I have emailed twice about this, can I have support please.
I feel like I have wanted money on your product.

You either have a wiring error or your existing doorbell transformer doesn’t have enough current capacity to charge the video doorbell and still ring your chime. Most existing transformers are too small to do both.

Simple test would be to jumper the chime and see if the video doorbell shows its charging by changing to the green plug icon. If that works, you need to either upgrade the transformer, or leave the chime jumpered. Specs for the transformer are 16-24 VAC and 30 VA.

If that doesn’t work, measure voltage on the video doorbell terminals. Take one reading with wires attached and one reading with them unconnected. Should have at least 16 Volts AC. If you don’t, check your wiring and make sure you have voltage at the transformer. Its possible with an undersized transformer that you have blown the transformer when you hooked it up with the existing chime. A cheap digital voltmeter is about $10-15 at Harbor Freight.

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We tried the jumper cables but made no difference and also couldnt slip the front to the case with the jumper wires plus nuts.
The device still showed battery and ended up leaving the wires from the doorbell connected without jumper wires.

Switched power back on and chime dinged once that’s it. It’s a deta chime.

Sounds like transformer issue then. Most houses are built with transformers that are just barely adequate for the existing chime. They are usually rated at 8-16 VAC and 10 VA. You need 16-24 VAC and 30 VA. That’s 3 times the current you have now.