Wired Doorbell Inconsistent Recordings

I’m wondering if anyone knows why the wired doorbell has inconsistent recordings when an event triggers it. I have recordings of up to 6 minutes and at other times it only records 15 seconds. The doorbell is being activated on both examples by sensing someone walking up to the door. If anyone can help explain this issue I would appreciate it.

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What working mode setting do you have in Power Manager? That will make a lot of difference?

I don’t see that option for the wired doorbell

In the setup menu there should be a category called Power Manager. I have the battery doorbell, so may not be entirely the same.

I have a Wired doorbell that I bought to install for a friend, but its not hooked up to anything right now. I’ll hook it up and check out the setup menu tomorrow. There are three settings that determine both battery life and recording time that are probably causing your issues. Maybe they are in a different spot on the wired unit. I’ll check it out and get back to you.

If you find it let me know. My eufy cam 2c’s do show the power manager option since they run on battery but not the wired doorbell.

I set up the wired doorbell and checked out the settings. They are significantly different from the wireless version. I’m glad I got the wireless version.

If you look at some of your 2C settings for recording length and stop on no motion, I was thinking you could adjust those to get more consistent recordings, but you don’t have those on the wired version. Even updated to the latest firmware and still lack the controls that determine how long it records. Must be solely determined by motion or lack of it.

I think at this point you should reach out to support and see if they have any ideas.

Sorry I couldn’t be of more help.

I appreciate you taking the time to look. I’ll reach out to support. Just pass down the information to your friend. It could possibly happen too.

Since this week I have the same problems with inconsistent video recordings.
Today my doorbell saved a 5 minute video from only one person which rings today.
I have seen at the calender that there are some events with 4 seconds, some with 15 seconds and a few with 30 seconds which are normal.

Has anyone a solution for solving this ?
We are talking here from the wired 2k Videodoorbell and not from the battery version. The wired has no option to set the videolength…

I also have the battery doorbell (but have it wired). I am having the same issue. The camera records motion, for instance the mailman on my front porch, however it cuts the video off after different intervals, such as 10 seconds or so, typically while he is still putting mail in my mailbox. He never retriggers to record him putting the rest of the mail in or even while he is leaving the porch, etc.

In the power manager settings I have it set to “Optimal Surveillance”

Any ideas how to fix this? What settings are you using?

Hi, a normal recording on the 2k wired doorbell is 30 secs. If you are getting longer recordings it could that motion is being picked up during a initial recording ie the wind moving a tree or bush then the recording will continue,and keep continuing for another 30secs each time. You can set up inclusion and exclude zones on motion detection. It’s worth checking this out to see. I’m not sure why you get shorter recordings as I thought the minimum is 30secs for each triggered event.