Wired doorbell Homebase 2 support

Hi All, Ive had the 2c cameras for a while, just purchased the wired doorbell as already have a power supply there and prefer the slimmer design. After install ive found out no Homebase support, so no automation support which I was hoping to use. The cheaper battery version has this so why can’t we get support for the wired version. Eufy please can support be added to the wired version.


Hello @Simon49, unfortunately wired doorbell cannot be connected to a Homebase. Only the Battery doorbell has that option for now.


I’ve had the 2C cameras with my Homebase 2 not work correctly on and off for the last two months, but my wired video doorbell camera hasn’t had one issue so I’m glad they don’t use the HB2. Your mileage may very.