Wired Doorbell gradually working less and less

So my doorbell is gradually detecting less and less. Even though the doorbell was replaced by Eufy, I’m back to restarting the doorbell every single day. I have adjusted the detection area, changed the settings to all motion, and it won’t pick up everything. I had a delivery that I almost stepped on because I wasn’t notified anyone showed up to my front door. After that, I looked outside and a paper fell out of my door that was put their by our front office. I checked the notifications and nothing. So twice in one day, two people show up on my door and leave things, and I get zero notifications, zero recorded clips. The firmware is up to date, and my phone and app are update to date as well.

This is really getting maddening to the point I’m about to go with another brand. What’s the point of having it if it won’t do it’s job?

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Open succeed

I feel your pain. One day I had three packages delivered by three carriers and got zero notifications. But at least the app tells us about new products and promotions.

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