Wired Bell needs LED daytime option+longer buffer

Could you pass this on to the developers/programmers regarding the eufy 2k wired doorbell

  • the new updates have disabled the LED light glowing unless it’s night time. My understanding was this was done to preserve batteries on the wireless versions. However, with wired doorbell we should be able to have the glow as the lack of glow has caused problems:
  1. some people do not know where the ‘button’ is to ring the doorbell without the LED light glowing (people have been pushing on the lens and other random spots and then knocking on the door instead. I only get notified due to the motion and watch as they get confused
  2. The app/software should detect if it’s wired, the LED should be an option to glow in the daytime.
  3. there’s a delay for the glowing to appear until it detects a ‘human’, this delay is about 2-3 seconds. It should glow as soon as it detects motion to avoid the delay so there’s enough time for the person walking up to notice the light and where to press the button.
  4. The 3 second buffer to record the video is often not enough because until the software recognizes it’s a human (which can be delayed if they are dressed heavily), then it may not record enough as seen in this video example: https://photos.app.goo.gl/RLBiZkJaco7gzKCp8 the recording started after they already went up the stairs, deposited the package, went back down, turned around and he took a photo of the delivery. I think once he looked up, the doorbell then recognized his face as a human . Could it be set to 5 second buffer (or have users have the option to change the buffer from 3-10 seconds? For those that say it won’t have enough power even if wired because it means it has to always be recording , think of it this way… there’s enough power for you to stream live view with audio without a problem or disconnection.
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I totally agree with both of your suggestions as the wired doorbell is wired 24x7 power. In the meantime I remedied both by A- putting a “PUSH” sticker on the button, and B- by set motion detection to high (captures everything and everyone.

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I completely agree with this suggestion. The doorbell is just a black slab of plastic with no distinctive press button. Whoever signed this design off telly doesn’t understand how it’s used. It’s just not obvious enough to most people, and those people who are unfamiliar with video doorbells (older people) wouldn’t have a clue how to use it.