Winner Released! eufyCam Competition and win a FREE EUFYCAM 2! | Capture the Unexpected

keep watching my video all and like it :slight_smile:

Same here! #seenoneufy wait until the end for a surprise!

Open to everyone, everywhere? :pray:
C’mon random camera sightings :joy:


Our Eufy Floodlight Cam Captures our family game of tag around our house! #stayathome #seenoneufy

@chaynie I cannot seem to find your video are you sure you put it in the gallery?

Caught some neighborhood cats fooling around in my backyard in the middle of the night. What goofballs.


Hi @Joel5, I linked to it in my post. Eufy Floodlight Cam is a click able link.

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keep the voting going…I have friends and family liking my video but some likes are not making it through even though they link their Facebook accounts


Here is my entry. The deer locally are so desensitized to people, they are out all times of the day and night. We fight to have nice flowers in our yard because the deer constantly eat them. We call our flower bed the “buffet”. Well ladies, tonight the buffet is closed due to the flowers not being planted yet because of unusually cold weather for May. The flowers they are looking for are in our garage. :shushing_face::exploding_head:



I think you have to put your entry in the gallery, that is where you vote.

Thanks. I didn’t know that. I’m new to posting here.


Uuuu… competition :slight_smile: adding one now

For the top 2 prizes, are they EufyCam 2 and 2C kits? Or just single add-on cameras? If theyre just add-on’s…it seems like 3rd prize is better then 1&2. If theyre kits, you should specify how many cameras.

I talked to @Mengdi he said it is 2 cams plus the homebase.

Everyone please note that only the video with most likes can have the eufyCam 2 for prize:)

Hey @Mengdi any reason you changed the end date of the competition?

It’s better to give more people opportunities.

This time will not change again:)

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Cool, thanks!

Look at this on my deck what we have here? Can’t believe this was wondering around on my deck at night.