[Winner Announced] WIN a 3-In-1 Video Smart Lock to upgrade your door! | eufy Video Smart Lock

WIN a 3-In-1 Video Smart Lock to upgrade your door.

  1. Comment a picture of your lock setup—whether it’s hi-tech or no-tech—and :camera_flash: :door:
  2. Tell us what you wish it could do. :star_struck:

The comment with the most replies and likes wanting the same features will win Video Smart Lock. :raised_hands:

Other great suggestions will also get a $50 coupon for a security upgrade. :clap:

From November 15th until November 23rd
Winner announced on November 23rd

Who Can Participate?

US residents.

How Do I Submit Pictures and Videos?

Just reply to this topic directly with your picture.

Terms and Conditions

Only suitable and quality submissions will be eligible for prizes. Submissions are screened daily.


【Winner Announcement】

Congratulations to our winner who take the 3-In-1 Video Smart Lock!
@cal2251 :raised_hands:

And huge thanks to other participants
@icopus3 :tickets:
@kid156 :tickets:
@snails-tubular.0l :tickets:

All will be contacted via message.

Stay safe and secure,
The eufy Security Team


Learn more about the Video Smart Lock: eufy 3-in-1 Video Smart Lock
Unlock on Amazon: 3-in-1 Video Smart Lock - Amazon.com


A non Eufy Smart lock and a Eufy battery doorbell. Would love to have a Eufy brand lock so that my system is all in one, but a combo lock and camera is even better! 20221118_181736|375x500


I wish it would dance, sing, and take video with our eufy security system and app. So sweet!

I’ll bite August lock here, wish it would have a better connection to my smart device, phone, and geolocation so I didn’t have to open the app to unlock it all the time.


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I have an august too, might try this

Yes it would be great to have a combo instead of 2 different systems!

Hi there,

Congrats! Thank you very much for joining and your support for eufy.

You won the prize - a Video Smart Lock!

We’ll contact you via message for more info so we can move forward and arrange the prize shipping!

For those who’re still interested in the 3-In-1 Video Smart Lock, please feel free to keep an eye on Amazon for the upcoming Black Friday Sale! :clap: :clap: You’ll never want to miss it! :star_struck:

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