WiFi Lock now on Amazon - when is Touch version coming?

The Smart Lock (basic without touch) was just listed on Amazon. When will the Touch version or standalone WiFi bridge be up?

We’ve got a serious vandalism issue and just bought 14 cams but would really like to round out the system.


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Only place I can find the WiFi model of the touch is at Bestbuy. Doesn’t make sense to me that Bestbuy has it but it’s not listed on eufys own website same with the 2K wired doorbell Bestbuy has a model with a new “upgraded chime” that looks so much better but again only able to find it on Bestbuys website with no information from eufy about it

Well even at BestBuy is listed as backordered. So I don’t think you can buy it anywhere yet. Maybe that is the reason is not yet listed on Eufy’s site.

The old lock specifically says it does not support wifi. Not clear if it could get on wifi even if you added the bridge, unless they plan to add support for that.

This comes directly from Eufy people on the anker site that they will sell the WiFi bridge separately for the people who bought the non-wifi touch lock. So other than that component (WiFi bridge) and new firmware, the current available touch lock and the new touch lock with wifi, are identical based on Eufy support personnel.

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Good report, thanks. I was going based on the listing at amazon, which might be badly translated, and made it sound pretty clearly like there was no wifi or option available to add it on that lock.