Wifi does not reconnect automatically

Whenever the wifi signal is lost and restored the homebase 2 does not reconnect automatically but requires manual reset.
Is this the situation for everyone?

This is a major flaw.

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major flaw. I just got my eufy doorbell and considering returning it because it won’t auto reconnect to wifi. This is a major disappointment and major flaw.

@nir118 I just called support and was told that the homebase is designed to automatically reconnect to wifi, but unfortunately it can take an hour and possibly up to a day to reconnect. This is not good. My 10 year old printer reconnects to wifi with no problem. In my testing I also have to re-enter my wifi password. Support also told me if I’m out of town and it won’t reconnect, the only way to reconnect is to be home on the same wifi network. That’s a deal breaker for me.

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Update: I was not giving the video doorbell (1080) enough time to reconnect. It has successfully been automatically reconnecting to wifi on it’s own. I’ve unplugged it several times to test it. It’s taken around 3-4 minutes to reconnect.

I waited days and the homebase didn’t reconnect, on top of that, it didn’t identify my wifi network anymore when trying to connect to it manually.
Talked to support and they said it’s a bug with their app cache and i should reinstall the app and that did solve it.
Major disappointment, i lost trust in the system when I’m away from home for more than a few hours.