Wifi disconnected, doesn't auto reconnect?

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Homebase 2 (

If my WiFi network drops out for whatever reason (bad weather, restart etc), the homebase obviously loses its connection to WiFi. But when the network comes back up, the homebase stays disconnected. I have to turn it off and on at the wall to reconnect.

This something thay others have experienced? Could eufy not push a software update to scan for networks when disconnected. Seems like a basic feature for a security system. Bring connected… :man_facepalming:t2:

Any advice or experience would be appreciated. :grin:

I’m wondering if you ever got this resolved? I am having the same issue at night it turns off and I have to cycle the break to get it started back up.

Battery backups (UPS) may be the solution to this scenario for short term drops in power.

If you want to have proper connection, and for a security system, I honestly don’t get why you’d put it up on Wi-Fi. I know eufy offers the functionality, but WiFi is generally known to be less stable than ethernet. If possible, you should really try to find a solution where the homebase works with ethernet, especially when power dips are common where you’re at.
Another solution of course is a UPS like Hawkster mentioned, for the homebase and router.

I have the same problem with my TV, but I can’t get an ethernet cable hooked up because it’s mounted too close to the wall.

Ethernet is not always and option to guarantee connectivity to the devices. I have 2 outdoor cameras each end of my house and want the Homebase to be visible by both so this requires me to have it located where there is no ethernet, so wifi is my only choice. Its not Eufy thats the problem, its the stability of the Wifi connection and this is what needs to be resolved.

A UPS will not fix the issue if the problem is with the router restarting or the WiFi dropping out. I would invest in a better router and Wifi/mesh setup.