WiFi connection problem

Is there any chance, how to connect the homebase 2 to a WiFi network with a strong password? Mine has 20 characters and it seems that the homebase has problem connecting to it because of that.

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Unfortunately, Eufy doesn’t allow some special characters in the Wifi password. This is against the Wifi standard, but they do it anyway. They used to also disallow some characters in the SSID, but I think they fixed that. I don’t think your length is an issue, but try using just numbers and letters and see if that lets you connect. It used to validate your password when you first entered it and tell you what characters and numbers were allowed, but it may not do that once you have entered something.

If you don’t want to change your password, switch to ethernet, go in and remove the SSID and password. Now, try entering it again and see if it prompts you as to the characters allowed.