Wi-fi reconnection issue

Hi when the wi-fi drops out on my eufy camera home hub2 it doesn’t automatically reconnect and I have to plug in ethernet cable. First time it had lost the wi-fi and had to set up again. This last time even though light turned blue after plugging in ethernet and then removing it with a confirmation from the hub wi-fi connected the app still says it’s not connected and it’s on ethernet not wi-fi. What’s the issue and how do I solve it? (Other that delete devices and start again - which is no good when I’m away.) Seems to be poor design as wi-fi dropping out a common occurance. Thanks

I have 2 Homebases and either will swap automatically from wifi to ethernet or the reverse when one connections drops. No need for any manual intervention. Sounds like something is wrong with your setup or your homebase. I’d send an email to support and see if they can help.

Hi, Have just connected a local homebase via wifi and had a similar problem. I.e. it took a very long time (read hours) to reconnect to wifi after a short power cut to the homebase 2.
My solution was to access the router and change the DHCP renew time from 1 day to 2 hours (adjust to suit yourself). Now I can reboot the Homebase 2 and it reconnects to the wifi (goes blue) within 1 minute of the status light going solid red after bootup. Hope this helps

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@cje16 Thank you for this info. I just called support and was told that the homebase is designed to automatically reconnect to wifi, but unfortunately it can take an hour and possibly up to a day to reconnect. This is not good. I’m going to adjust my DHCP renew as you suggested and hope for the same outcome.

Support also told me if I’m out of town and it won’t reconnect, the only way to reconnect is to be home on the same wifi network. I hope that doesn’t become an issue. I don’t understand why Eufy would have this problem. My 10 year old cheap printer reconnects to wifi without issue after a power outage. Seems like this should be a non-issue with home security devices.

Update: my video doorbell (1080) homebase does reconnect to wifi automatically!! I was not giving it enough time. It only took about 3 minutes and my instant gratification wanted it to connect much faster. I tried it with a short DHCP and the standard 1-day. It reconnected in just a few minutes on both tests.