Why no Google Home or Android TV support?

Wouldn’t it make sense to stream to another devices then just a phone?


It would and i use Google home to cast to my TV…


I can cast my cam2’s and doorbell to Chromecast.


“Ok Google, show me doorbell/camera name” both work for me.

NVidia Shield - AndroidTV
Google Home - JBL Smart Speaker

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Flood light cameras dont work

You should have taken the time to mention that in your original post.

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So whats the reason for it not to work. Google Assistant detects them as floodlights, Google Home detects them as cameras, you can view them on Google home only manually and live view keeps buffing every few seconds

I’d love to cast to my cam2 Google TV
But all I get is sorry the stream is not available.

Same for me on a Google nest hub, no stream. It worked a few months ago. I have tri to unlink / link my eufy security account with Google assistant but it doesn’t work.