Why is there always bright flash at beginning of recorded files

Every time I play a recorded camera file, there is always a bright white flash at beginning of it. Is this normal ? If not what is the cure.

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@nim10 Since most of Eufy’s cameras are battery operated and turn on through motion activation. The bright light (sometimes black) is the camera adjusting when it “wakes up”. Depending the surrounding, it might take 1-2 seconds to adjust before the video is clear.

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I’m see that happen as well on one of my eufyCam 2Cs. Would putting it under a more shady area help? By the time the bright white at the start of the video clears, most of the time the person has already walked by so it’s useless.

@rsm5 I believe it helps a little. The cameras I have under my porch or roof respond better than those cameras open to the elements. However, it’s a small difference. Only something I realized because I can quickly check from one to another…but probably wouldn’t have noticed it if it was my only camera.

To get the cameras to trigger quicker, you might need to invest in another camera or sensor and setup automations. I know it doesn’t make any sense that you need to make another purchase to get your original camera to work correctly. Unfortunately, I went this route and it has helped! Frustrating that I need to do this, but I get pretty much 95% of everything coming and going to my door. Plus, I get different angles too, lol.

This was caused by an update on 22/12/20 at 15:55 ish, on my cameras. I’ve been back through the recordings and seen the difference between them. Previously, on recording, the camera started from a dark tint and adjusted the exposure to lighter, but you could still see the image fine during that adjustment. Now they seem to have changed it to start from a bright white and adjust to darker from that. But you can’t see the image through the white and the adjustment now takes far too long. Not good and they need to fix what they have broken imo


I raised a case with support, who informed me this will be fixed very soon and it appears to have been in latest update! Excellent!

I’m not sure this is normal as my cameras have only just started doing this, This has never been an issue until yesterday. This coincided with the recent android app update!

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