Why is it that your doorbells don't integrate with any other Smart home products including your own

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It’s tragic. I wasted my money on these doorbells. All the IOT devices in my home work with each other. Then I buy these stupid doorbells based on the promise of RTSP which we all know that you’re not going to deliver.

But then it gets so much better.

The best part is the doorbells can’t even talk to Eufy’s other products.

Did that meeting go like this?

"Hey guys, I have a great idea! Let’s create a walled garden in our product line walled off from our product lines. " BRILLIANT!!!

This is comical. Wrapping my head around this business decision gives me a migraine. Then you take the time to create this “community” and they completely ignore it.

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Maybe you didn’t do enough research and bought the wrong model. My battery doorbell talks to all my Eufy security products without any issues. If you don’t like the battery, you can hard-wire it to the doorbell transformer. I use automations from motion sensors to trigger doorbell recordings every day and all clips are saved on the homebase.

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Yes I made a mistake and chose the wrong manufacturer for a smart home product.

What does research have to do with fact the wired doorbells do not communicate with Eufy ecosystem?

I did research and they did promise RTSP support.

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