Why is Homebase 3 still not compatible with indoor cams?

I have been watching the Homebase 3 compatibility page to see when my indoor 2k Cams will be compatible.


Every month since last Oct, Eufy keeps saying next month. Last update said the indoor cams would be supported by Jan 2023, it is 1/31, I see it just got pushed to Feb.

Biased on the initial timeline, I bought a Homebase 3 in Dec, and it’s just a brick sitting in my closet.

What’s going on Eufy?

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Don’t just let the Homebase 3 sit in your closet. Bring it out and use it, as a paperweight or a doorstop.

Or just have some patience and wait!

Eufy is great at calling out future functionality and then never delivering. They either keep moving the timeline or they just say “we are working on it” and never deliver. They did the same with functionality updates on Homebase 2 that never materialized. At one time, the indoor cams where supposed to work with Homebase 2 and it was supposed to have external storage. Never happened. If the functionality you need isn’t delivered when you buy it, don’t count on future updates to give you what they promised.

So basically Eufy sells vaporware scams

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Buying anything 101, never buy based on promises of features, etc. It’s always, always better to wait. That being said, they came through with their Homekit compatibility promise so I think we just need to be patient.

After waiting pretty much all year hoping that the legacy indoor cams will be fully compatible with the homebase 3 with the expected date end of 2023. They have now back tracked and currently state that it’s “Under Evaluation”. This is not reassuring news

I have ordered from Amazon HB3 on sake. I will return it until I hear more from this thread.