Why does my EufyCam 2C has inconsistent detection

I have two 2C cameras outside. One in the entryway of my front door and the other on the garage. The one on the garage is very inconsistent. Here’s the link to a picture for an example.

I have my power settings set to record for 120s c retriggers after 5s. I also turned on stop recording if motion isn’t detected anymore. In the image it’s night time and every car that drives by will get picked up and it will record at the minimum, 60s. Which is weird because you can see the car still but it’s so obstructed by multiple objects so why is it still recording? The bigger problem is the area I circled in my picture. Nothing gets picked up there but the cars are? Then in the day time the cars won’t get picked up even though they are literally driving on the same path that was previously detected at night. The detection in the red area during the day is spotty at best as well. It never picks up my 3 yr old either.

So is my angle bad? Is the camera too high? I have it on 4 or 5 sensitivity but even at the highest setting I still get pretty much the same results.

I have pretty much the exact same problem as you. Almost identical driveway size, camera height/ position/ angle and the same outcome. Cars are detected but people waking up or down driveway are rarely if ever detected.