Why does camera record sometimes and doesn't at other times


Ive got Eufycam 2C and sometimes it records and sometimes it doesn’t.

What is frustrating is that it will record things outside the activity zone but when something enters the activity zone it won’t record.

Ive got the latest version of firmware and app version. Ive removed and readded the devices.

Ive found this to be a frustrating experience so far.

What can I do to resolve the issue?

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The activity zones don’t stop it from recording, it only stops the notification to your phone but even then it doesn’t work well as I still get notifications for large vehicles

Are the recordings of larger people / vehicles & the missed recording of other people?

I think you’re mistaken. My understanding of activity zones is to set an area where it would record if something enters that zone.

You would get notified if something enters the activity zone which would then notify you.

Thats my understanding of how it works unless I’m mistaken

Sorry I have the original system & even in the app it says it works that way

But the app does say it’s different on the eufycam 2

That can only add to delays in recording as the pir has to wake up the camera, camera has to process a second or 2 to see if the pixel changes are in the activity zones & then record & transmit
Think I prefer the original of record all pir activations