Why did my camera not pick up the courier driver

My camera picked me up 2 minutes earlier bringing in the wheelie bin

I just sat down and a parcel was dropped off by a courier

They were never picked up by the cameras



Wonder if Eufy starting to model Wyze on cooling period.

Something I noticed early on… 2c cam missing vehicles (some huge trucks with trailers) early in the day. I only set to all motion because I want to get Vehicle alerts on my cams. After several missed vehicle triggers in the morning will make me walk out to the camera in my robe and coffee. Picks me up perfectly. After that human pickup… the cam will work flawlessly the rest of the day.


I switched to a second 2c cam to see if I had a bad camera. Same issue. I run these on a schedule that switches from a mode with nighttime cam alarms to no cam alarms at 7am.

Same now for 9 months. Tried everything… Ugh.