Who is also liking this setup?

We just got this 2 days ago and we are loving it

@aba24 I love the cameras and their wireless flexibility (range), system options, and video quality…HATE the software updates that bring up issues that weren’t there before.


Sobrevilla… you nailed it. Clearly we are the beta testers. Just updated iOS app and have a “list” already in 30 minutes. Ugh.

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@chefrd In all honesty, this is Eufy’s biggest issue. They have great products for the price point with no monthly fees…but their updates are what worry me!! Since the beginning of December I’ve had issue after issue. I would say (in my opinion) from July to November it was like 99% perfect. If they can get there “engineers” or programers to do their own beta testing before releasing an update to the public, that would be great, LOL!! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::+1:t3:

I agree! If I could just get them to stop forcing updates. Once I found a stable firmware … I would turn off updates and never ever turn them on again. When it works ( and it has several times now ) I would be overjoyed with it.

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