White Noise/White Out In Beginning Of Video

does anyone know if this issue has been addressed in firmware updates?? I saw a post by someone back in May about this issue and I’m getting it with my cameras today.

Its a bright flash of white light during the start up of my videos on my Cam 2’s. Both of them.

It’s very annoying.

I once had the Ring Stick Up cam before I switched to Eufy, and this very same issue persisted in that camera, which is one of the reason that I switched brands.

I’m sad to see this issue in my Cam 2’s, and hope this can be resolved soon.



This showed up in the firmware update before this most current one. So they did not fix it. Who knows if they will. I was told by support (Monday??) to expect a firmware update in 1-2 months to address issues I had. I sent my stuff back since then. I’m still here because I like them just not the lack of quick support and false advertising.

Yeah very frustrating. So you sent your cameras back?

Yes I did.

So is the problem happening when using the Eufy App or when using Apple Homekit to view the videos?

I was only using the Eufy app. I’m on Android.

I dont have the problems using the 3 eufy cam 2c cameras through the Eufy App on Android also just purchased the Eufy indoor pan and tilt and also works well.

I’m in the UK but wouldnt have thought that would make any difference

Its happening while using the Eufy app. I’m on Android.

I’m going to try out that new outdoor Wyze cam that just came out. Only $50 with base station!! And it probably does everything that these cameras do, BUT better and for a fraction of the cost.

Sucks because I planned on adding more cameras, the doorbell camera and security system.

I recently purchased the Wyze V2 indoor cam pack that came with some sensors for doors and 1 motion sensor and some wifi light bulbs. So far I’m very impressed with the integration/automation with all the sensors and light bulbs. Everything just works.

I would definitely like to hear what you think if you get it. I’m still searching!

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I have exactly the same issue which basically makes the camera useless for me. It takes a few seconds for the camera to adjust by then what triggered the camera is well gone…

I have trteid all kinds of “solutions” and re-installed mutiple times, nothing works so absolutely useless.

I believe, based on the videos I watch about battery cams in general is that they all share this problem in some way. It probably has to do with the fact that the camera starts (which is always too late when comparing to the motion detection timestamp) and it has to adjust to the surrounding light conditions.

I have this same issue. Latest firmware all the way around. Another disappointing “feature”.

It was working fine for over a month then I’m see the flash the last few days.

reset everything seems to fixed the issue