Which Doorbell?


Recently joined the WiFI CCTV market initially with Blink cameras. In the past before I moved I had a fully wired CCTV solution that cost a fortune and I had to run wires everwhere. This was back then WiFi cctv was problamatic but now seems much better. Very pleased with my Blink cameras and hoping to keep local storage with the new Sync 2 box when they start charging in March :frowning:

Looking at door bells Eufy seems to be the best option for door bells. Not sure if to get wired or battery (happy to run a wire) and if I should go for the 2K one which seems sensible.

The wired one I think has a buffer which I assume means you capture and start recording video early though I like the battery option and the use of the Homebase so data is captured remotely and not on the doorbell ?

Also another esssential or at least highly disirable is the viewing on my Echo Show 5 and 8 which I love for my blink cameras. Its unclear if this works on the battery doorbell but does on the wired one ?


The three second buffer of the wired version doesn’t really equate to three seconds of earlier recording compared to the battery version. The motion detection of the battery version seems to trigger and start recording earlier than the wired version, therefore both actually start recording at pretty much the same time anyway.

Go for the 2k battery doorbell… that way you get the option to hardwire it, plus storage that isn’t in the actual doorbell.

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Many thanks. What’s the integration like for the Echo Shows ?