Where to view 30 day rolling footage?

I’ve just paid the $10 for the rolling 30 day footage to be saved to the cloud, where do I view this on the app?

Good to know. Its a funnel :joy:

That’s to see events?

Its sold as 30 days running recordings. I want to see non events

What do you mean? I’m trying to view a random time. Not events.

You do realise this is all going to servers in China.

Unfortunately, I do not think the cloud option was ever intended to record 24/7. I looked at the spec sheet on the store page and next to 24/7 recording it says SD card needed. The cloud will only store clips, and only for 30 days.

Really disappointing, especially since it will track my movement but only save it to the cloud as an event about half the time.

Is there someone from Anker/Eufy to clarify this? I started a free trial but nothing shows up. I expect 24/7 video footage (rolling) in the cloud for each 30 days, not just events or clips.

If it is just events or clips, I cancel right away and buy an extra pair of SD-cards.

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I think that’s how it’s intended, the mundane non event timelines go on the sd card (as appropriate) and the triggered events go to the cloud. You can check back to where you want depending on the capacity of the card.

That way you may be required to look at a certain date/time which is already beyond the rolling capacity of the as card, but if it was a triggered recording it will still be in the cloud.

The constant feed would be pretty large data wise over a month.