Where to buy Eufycam Homebase

I am wanting to buy Eufycam home base no camera’s as I have 8 but am having issues with the home base. I live in Australia and can’t seem to find just the home base. I have contacted eufy support regarding the home base as it still has a few days warranty but I’m having to re add all 8 camera’s twice in the last two days and they have stopped recording and detecting again! The camera’s are all paired but when I try live view it tells me to add camera or device. The security setting gets changes to disarmed even though it’s set to home mode. I have to use a ladder to access all 8 camera’s and it’s becoming very annoying. Any help appreciated. Monica

Thanks I have contacted them and am waiting for a reply. Unfortunately while I’m waiting my camera’s are not working. No recordings or notifications now and I know there’s been motion cause my husband has come home.

I had a very similar issue. I originally had 10 2C cameras attached to one Homebase 2 as it was advertised to support up to 16 cameras? Contacted Eufy as most users have very positive feedback about Eufy support, helping out, exchanging faulty products but I found them to be very unhelpful, maybe because I am based in Australia! The solution from Eufy was to only have a minimum of 5 cameras connected to one Homebase 2, and that I needed another Homebase 2. I questioned the advertising of 16 cameras, no reply. They would not sell and I could not find anywhere to purchase only a Homebase 2, so my security cameras where useless. I eventually found two seperate sellers on Gumtree, with a spare brand new Homebase 2 for sale. I purchased both, I now have 3 Homebase 2’s in total. I have a total of 10 cameras, 5 connected to 2 Homebase 2’s, so far it’s much better, but still find I need to restart both Homebases daily to function better, otherwise I cannot stream notifications. The third Homebase is for when I add another camera.

If anyone intends to have more than 4 cameras then buy two kits (which I would have if I had known) connect no more than 5 cameras per one Homebase.

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Eufy advertising is largely based on wishful thinking.

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This is the same reason I purchased them because I could have 15 ( original home base) connected so I purchased the 4 camera kit and add on camera’s if I’d have known then I would have purchased 2 4 camera kits. My system has been working fine on schedule with 8 camera’s for the last 6 month’s, I’ve had to remove all camera’s and home base everyday for the last 4 days my warranty runs out Tuesday. I have contacted eufy and they said their engineers are working on a firmware to fix this and they will send it to my unit, I did have some trouble earlier and they did send a firmware that fixed it so hoping it does the same this time. I have also contacted JB hifi as well and they are sending me a consignment no to send back for them to check and hopefully replace if the firmware doesn’t come through and work. If it does I’ll contact JB again and tell them it’s fixed.

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