Where do we get these Eufy Cam 2 mounts?

The camera mount brackets in the stand alone Eufycam 2 are much better quality that the ones you get in the 4 pack eufy cam 2 plus box. Where the heck can you buy these steel camera mounts? They have much better mounting range and are a lot more sturdy. I have looked but now one sells them!! Preferably options in Australia :+1:t2:


Would love to see a pic! I got a worthless magnetic mount with a single tiny screw ( straight in the trash ) and the usual eufy plastic one with very limited range. I have never used any supplied mount ( 3rd party stuff is so much better ). Except for my new C24 outdoor cam. It’s magnetic and a total piece of crap… but you don’t have any other choice.

Had to mount this cam MUCH higher than I wanted… who designs this crap? And more importantly… who approves it?

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Sorry not sure why the photo didn’t upload, it was hiding there somewhere. Look at original post should be there now.

You buying those 3rd party ones off ebay with the 3 anchor point screw attachments?

Also, forgot to write in my last comment I believe the Arlo mounts fit eufy? From what i have seen online

Sorry… ummm… amazon? I got some great gear that had squirrel proof solid metal mounts… 1 I found was long enough to reach past my curtains and had a true 90 degree angle for the pan and tilt cam. My ceilings are 30 ft high so I needed to mount off the wall. The included mounts are fine for most situations… the magic is installing an industry standard screw so we can upgrade if we choose. ( c24 cam doesn’t give you that )

There we go. Can see it now… very interesting ! That’s new to my eyes. Almost looks like it gives you a 90 degree corner?

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Could you send me a link to them please? Have you got photos?

Sorry… purchased a bunch of different mounts for an old security systems cams years ago. No link. Do have pics…

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Try searching Amazon for Kiwi mount. Seems like a pretty good aftermarket mount.

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The store I think

Blink camera mounts will fit. They are metal, more adjustable than Eufy’s, and have the 1/4 20 mounting screw. Amazon usually has 3 for $10 to $15.

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