When will be an Update to make Gefencing working ? ( Eufy?)

Geofencing is not working properly


i will return these dammed eufy cams
no geofencing and bad homekit integration

Up, the geofencing is very bad, the app should ping more frequently the phone position

I agree, the geofencing on iOS is very hit and miss.

Geofencing is absolutely crap not fit for purpose have to reboot everything to get it to work it might last 36 hours at most
Had my Tado heating on geofencing for over a year never a problem maybe Anker should speak to them to see what they are doing Wrong

@Eufy are u working on it?

Set the radius on the geofencing to the large setting and has been working fine on both iPhone’s for about five days now it was a bit better on medium but still not great I know it’s not fixed but it’s better than having to do it manually all the time
The radius is about 500M