When someone rings my door bell and I check it in my phone it doesn't work its almost as if it goes offline until the person is pretty much gone

can’t see to view or talk to anyone ringing my door bell when its occurring the door bell will freeze or go offline until the person leaves

That’s odd. A few questions could give more insight in what is going on. How is your system set up?

  1. Is the doorbell wired to electricity?
  2. Is the doorbell far away from the homebase?
  3. Is the homebase connected through WiFi?
  4. What brand is your phone (android, apple)
  5. Which version of the app are you using?
  1. Its hard wired where the old door bell was
  2. No home base just doorbell for now.
  3. No
  4. Android Samsung
  5. V2.2.2_741 I assume there’s only 1