When deleting videos I don't see my storage amount go up

I’ve had the video doorbell for a year now and I’m very pleased with it.
There’s only one downside. Deleting videos does not clear up space on my homebase.

It seems I can only erase the storage or format it. Not sure why there are two options for the same goal though.
I have a few videos that I want to keep and it seems the only way of doing that is by downloading them and then erasing the storage or format it.

Is there a hidden trashcan we don’t know about? :wink:

EDIT: I typed this message yesterday and today I deleted all my videos. There’s none left on the homebase and yet I only have got 1.79GB of storage left!
(in dutch) - beschikbaar = available

So where’s all of that occupied storage hiding?

@Tim_Bre if you have deleted all videos and definitely sure nothing is stored on homebase, you should be good to format the storage?

Hopefully this restores things back to normal.

Have you tried the Clear Storage function in Homebase | Storage? It is supposed to clear all data from the Homebase storage. There may be some kind of garbage collector that is hung up, preventing your storage from showing it’s true availability.