What's Up With the Alarms Being so Hard to Turn Off?

Okay so our roof is getting replaced. There’s a camera watching the driveway and another for the porch. I guess the work has caused the cameras to shift around and make their alarms go off.

We kept deactivating them, and they kept turning back on. We went into the security section and selected Off Mode. Alarms still were being activated. So we went into the settings for Home Mode, and unchecked all the sensors and triggers, and switched to that mode. Yet still, the alarms went off! After over ten minutes of manually deactivating these alarms, we finally just removed both devices, which seems to have stopped the noise. It should not be this difficult to turn off the alarms!!

@glen.reed If you have the anti-theft feature turned on, the alarms will still activate regardless if you turn everything else off under the modes section. The feature is pretty sensitive and vibrations do cause the cameras to think they are being “taken” and will trigger. If this were to happen again, I would try to turn off the anti-theft feature first and see if this will take care of it.

That’s the thing, how do you turn it off? Dad and I spent awhile looking through the app but couldn’t seem to find the setting for it. The alarms kept going off during that time too. We eventually just gave up on trying to find the setting and removed the devices. I know the option was there when setting up the cameras, but we could not figure out where to go to turn anti theft off.

@glen.reed Take a look under each camera’s settings. There’s a spot you can switch on/off for anti-theft. Take a look at the picture…

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