What type of power connector does the HomeBase 2 use?

I need to get a longer power cable for my HomeBase 2 and I’m not sure what the connector type is. Does anyone know?

Why not get and use an extension cord?

Because I’m connecting it to a UPS, so that won’t work. Do you know what connector it has?

You do know that you can use an non surge suppression Extension cord with a UPS. They make specific ones too for use with certain ups brands.

As far as the connector, I do not know and sorry I can’t check my homebase because its plugged in behind a cabinet full of Glasses and the base is on top of it wedge against the ceiling

It’d be good if I could just get some help from someone who knows the answer. I don’t want to have to explain my entire living room system to you. It doesn’t matter. I just want to know what connector it is.

@jns3 why don’t you just look at the power block and read what it says for the adapter! Getting

@jns3 why don’t you just get a multi adapter and use the one that works it’s pretty simple! Not sure why it’s so hard to find… :v:t3:


The power plug on the homebase is a 5.5mm x 2.1mm plug. Its called a DC barrel jack. The adapter is rated at 2000 ma. @12 vdc. Mine has a 70" cord on it. You can find an adapter with a longer cord or purchase a dc extension cord with an male power connector on one end and female one on the other. Amazon will have both items.

Note. If you purchase a power adapter, make sure the center terminal of the barrel jack is positive or it won’t work.

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