What to do with 2nd Homebase 2?

I have a Eufycam 2 system with the Homebase 2 - which is great.

Recently - I have purchased a Eufy wireless doorbell - which also comes with a Homebase 2 also.

As I understand it - I don’t necessarily have to set up the 2nd Homebase 2. I could just incorporate the wireless doorbell into my existing Homebase 2 with Eufycam 2 cameras.

But is there a benefit to using a 2nd Homebase 2? My original Homebase 2 is wired directly in to my router. I might use the 2nd Homebase 2 in a different part of the house - wirelessly. It will work as a chime for the doorbell, right?

Will BOTH Homebase 2s chime with the wireless doorbell?


One homebase will work for all your devices. Probably you can return extra home base or sell it off after market.

Since these use a lower end of the WiFi, if you have cameras at one end of the house I’d put it back there for those and then keep the other one nearer the doorbell. If it’s a smaller house then no real need. The doorbell can only ring (so far) to one HomeBase but maybe they will have it chime several in the future.


Same thing happened with me! I wish Eufy would sell all of their devices without Homebases and then sell the homebase separately! This is annoying and can lead to having too many homebases. You can probably sell it on Ebay

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@John_B1 Thank you for letting us know your concern.

To address your concern, each Homebase is allow you to add 16 cameras and 16 entry sensors devices.

Please noted that each camera device can only be paired with one Home base at a time. For the better signal pick up, you can use two Homebase in different areas for your personal preference.

Any other concerns we can address in the future, please feel free to contact us.

@AnkerSupport, can the second one be used as a chime?

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I bought the doorbell with its own Homebase to extend range thinking that bell could chime on second homebase or google home. Now I am left with a doorbell that chimes in my garage and would probably need to change to Alexa in order to get something that works for me.

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Save it for when the speaker in the one you’re using decides to start popping and crackling.

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How to setup custom automation with trigger device on one homebase to activate another device on second homebase?

I am looking for same option that will be really helpful

Set it up to trigger an alert on you phone and watch if you have them it will chime on the home base the doorbell and alert you you can add other chimers go to settings /indoor chime

Homebases do not commuicate with each other, so you can’t use a sensor on one Homebase to trigger something on another Homebase. Homebases only talk to devices paired with the base.