What Solar Panels Are Supported Since Firmware Update

Hi there

Since the update, i see that i can select a solar panel for power.

What solar panels are supported by the camera’s

Camera’s are showing on - 1.6.8 - 1.0.84-20201130


That’s a brilliant find!!

Ive been waiting for this for ages.

Hopefully they release a statement confirming it.

I hope this isn’t another homebase2 usb chime moment though

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Good question. Like @Samthompsonreviews mentioned, I hope Eufy actually releases something “official” that describes these requirements. Just to note…I believe it requires and app (2.3.0) and homebase (update to see these options.

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I have the following

App 2.3.0_792

You can use almost any 5v 1.5a or 2a solar panel. I’m currently using a mini solar panel from a solar powered driveway light. Its small and robust and keeps my camera charged. I also have one for the Ring, that was given to me, on another camera and hasn’t had any issues.

And yes Eufy will be releasing their own solar panel come next year 2021.