What is the point of setting activity zones?

What is the point of setting activity zones if they don’t work?

I live on a busy street. My porch, sidewalk, street. Tons of traffic goes by. So I have the blue zone above where I see tires on the camera. The red zone (needs to be made bigger, tiny little square thing is ridiculous) I have on the street where tires are close to the curb.

My eufy picks up every tire, every truck that goes by, it will catch before the red zone or after the red zone. If the blue zone isn’t where the tires are then how is it still picking up cars?

I have it set to detect closer to human than other activities yet, my videos are tire after tire after tire.

The zones are areas where u want to pick up motion, the red and blue zones are the same just different colors for different areas, anything outaide the zone does not get picked up

The red zone is not the same as the blue. The red is supposed to ignore that area.

My point is, I have the blue zone well above where tires go by yet it still picks up the tires. So I don’t know if the zones aren’t working properly or what

Not aure what camera ur using but from my understanding from all the cameras i have from eufy the zones are just zones to detect motion, atleast thats what they describe them as in the FaQ when u set up thr activity zones click the question mark at the top right.

Sorry I guess I should have said this is the doorbell Eufy so perhaps the zone setting are different.
On mine, the red is to ignore.

I guess I just gave to put up with it constantly going off.

I have a Eufy door bell too. Try placing the blue activity zone below your curb, meaning closer to your doorbell. I live on a busy street as well and this has helped me. And these zones (red & blue) are able to be reshaped. Red zone IS for ignoring… Hope this helps :slight_smile:

So, I understand you don’t have a front yard; your doorbell basically sees your porch, sidewalk, street, and maybe porch roof (is the camera angled down?). If that is correct, then you would want the blue activity area to be on your porch and sidewalk, below the street traffic. I think the purpose of the red “exclude” zone is it is supposed to “cut out” an area of monitoring inside of the blue “include” area. I also lowered my motion settings sensitivity to the second from the left option.

Here’s Eufy’s guide for a view like yours. I note that it can see the tires of a car in the background, seems to account for it, but if you put the red exclude area right over where the tires cross into the blue include area, that I guy help:

My Eufy 2k Doorbell has been good about ignoring cars (I can see the whole car from my camera, not just the tires), however at night sometimes turning signals light up half a neighbor’s tree trunk just so and the Eufy thinks it’s seeing the outline of a human profile. I also got a few false alarms from waving branches against the sky from the bush on my right. I put an activity zone that doesn’t include my neighbor’s tree, the top of my bushes, but does include my driveway, walkway, and porch, and that seems to have helped.

And here’s my view and activity zone, what works for me (I’m not getting false alarms from cars driving by, but I can see the whole shape of cars, plus they’re further back which might keep the tires from looking like faces):

If we pretended my view was like yours, I would set up my zones like this:

As you can see, I’m excluding the street. I don’t have to include the parking space for my wife’s car, because it’s usually there blocking motion, but I could also make the blue inclusive box narrower. If someone walks up to my door, they’ll be tall enough that their face is above the excluded zone for face detection.